Our Studio

Access your life force.

Feel how you were born to move. 

Experience the physical and energetic shifts.

Experience our Kettlebell system based on primal movements. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for a free Kettlebell Foundations class.

Our Training Philosophy

Fitness must be fun and functional to maximize its benefits and get quicker results. With positive reinforcement we focus on breath, proper body mechanics, and steady progression to create a safe and inspiring environment.

Kettlebells for The People

Together we experience the power and knowledge contained within our bodies. Individual attention, compassion and a sense of humor make the challenging workout accessible and enjoyable.

How to Start

To begin training with kettlebells, first book a private session with Christian or attend a kettlebell Foundations class on Monday at 6:30pm.  The hardest part is showing up- you can do it! 

Watch this video to learn what we cover in the kettlebells foundations class

Click here to visit our You Tube channel. It contains all of our featured kettlebell exercises

New to Four Gates?

Try a Kettlebell Foundations class on us!

Kettlebell Foundations class- required before attending other kettlebell classes. This class is offered Mondays at 6:30pm. Fill out the form below, and we will reserve a space for you in the class you indicate and expect to see you then, and if the class is already full we will notify you right away. Click here to see our full schedule of classes.

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