We adore yoga practice and deeply value the mind-body-spirit union it has guided us to explore. Sign up with this form to try a class on us! Our instructors at Four Gates are amazing, experienced, real people who are able to teach to all levels with humor, ease and total compassion. We know you will love the energy our studio lends to your practice.

Do you have injuries? We respect any injuries, medical conditions or limitations you may have, and understand the scope of yoga instruction and its appropriate application as a healing modality. If you have any questions about practicing yoga to address injuries or chronic conditions please email Chistian or call him at 347 306 2619.

Scroll down to read about our specific yoga classes.

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Balanced Yoga with Christian Doten  Sunday 10am

A dynamic mix of classic Hatha yoga postures, Qi gong exercises, body weight strength and yoga philosophy. Class ends with a short guided meditation/savasana. In this class your physical safety at yoga practice is most important, and we workshop postures and demonstrate movements in a clear and concise way for beginners. Please feel free to show up early to discuss any of your injuries or conditions, or email Christian in advance about them.

AM Vinyasa with Rachel Kamin   9:30am Tues + Thurs

Start your day off with a clear mind and an energized body. Vinyasa yoga synchronizes breath with movement and incorporates a mix of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, breath work and basic meditation. This class builds strength and flexibility, and is appropriate for beginners with some yoga experience and intermediate level practitioners. Leave class feeling a balance in mind, body and spirit, and an abundance of energy. Check out the video below to learn more about Rachel and her approach to teaching.

Cosmic Kettlebells with Christian Doten  Wednesday 6pm


The word "yoga" means "to integrate" or "union", and this definition is very well exemplified in this one of a kind class. We merge sun salutations and kettlebell lifts to create a state of cosmic bliss and universal strength. Students must first attend one Kettlebell Foundations class.