Our students are amazing

I started kettlebells in December of 2011.  I was skeptical about doing it because of several injuries I had.  I had long been suffering from lower back and hip pain due to a car accident many years ago.  Running, walking, long car trips or flights would put my lower back and hip out of whack and cause a lot of pain and discomfort.  I also had a recurring shoulder and rib injury due to a fall on the ice several years ago.  I was constantly having to go to the chiropractor to put myself back in line and fight my pain and discomfort.  Within 3 months of starting kettlebell training with Christian I no longer needed lower back and hip adjustments.  Still haven’t needed any!  And no pain!  Within a couple more months I was no longer needing shoulder and rib adjustments.  I’m able to run, walk, take long car trips and flights, and anything else I want without ending up at the chiropractor.  The strength and endurance I’ve gained through kettlebell training truly amazes me!  It’s improved my mental clarity, my balance, my agility….it’s improved everything!  I’ve never felt better or stronger and it’s because of proper training not only with kettlebells, but with everything else that Christian and Colleen incorporate into their classes and their one on one training sessions.  - S.W.

I've been the type of person to struggle with consistent exercise. After 2 weeks of kettlebell training at Four Gates, I was hooked. I noticed results right away- improving my endurance and agility. Its now been several months of training and I feel very comfortable with my fellow students and enjoy the consistent training by Christian. I've done weight training and bored myself with mundane jogging/cardio routines, but nothing has even come close to the results I've gained with Kettle bell workouts. - S.H.

Working with Mike has really taught me a healthy discipline of exercise. He teaches you the necessary fundamentals that stay with you well beyond a session. He is attentive to where you need to improve and enthusiastically brings you drive to your overall well being. - P.M.

Qoya is so much more than an exercise class. Qoya is an awakening. Through moving and breathing in a sacred community of diverse yet like-minded women I am able to awaken my senses, my spirit, my connection to physical pleasure, and most importantly my womanly intuition. Qoya asks us to find ways to move and breathe in ways that feel good in THIS very moment, and I can't think of a more positive, empowering, and relevant message to give to women in this day and age. After taking many classes with Colleen and Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck I am physically strong, emotionally grounded, and more in love with my body than ever. I can't thank these two women enough for sharing this gorgeous practice with Minnesota women. - A.C.