Services and Rates


Personal training

Personal training at Four Gates takes your state of health and fitness to the next level, right away. Whether you seek weight loss, event training, pain management, sport specific training or an improved mind-body connection, we can create an effective program for you. 

Our training sessions are also, when necessary, therapeutic-- eliminating chronic pain through specific strengthening. You need strong muscles that work together the right way in order to stay pain free. We specialize in addressing injuries and pain, as well as post rehab corrective exercise.

We even keep it accessible by offering a customized combination of private sessions and group classes that fits your budget.  

Contact Christian to let us know what fitness goals you have, to set up a free initial consultation and to learn more about assessments, programming and available time slots. 347.306.2619 or 

Private training session rates

1 hour

Single session $80 :: 10 sessions $750 :: 20 sessions $1400 :: 30 sessions $2000

45 minute

Single $65 :: 10 sessions $600 :: 20 sessions $1100

30 minute

Single $50 :: 10 sessions $400 :: 20 sessions $750


Note that 1 hour sessions expire after one year and half hour sessions expire after 6 months.


Semi private- 2 people,1 hour

Single $55 per person

10 sessions $500 per person

20 sessions $900 per person


Small group training 3-5 people

4 sessions/month once per week $160 or 3 months 12 sessions $400

8 sessions/month twice per week $280 or 3 months 24 sessions $795


30 minute stretching session $50

Postural/Physical assessment $100

45 minute shiatsu session $60

30 minute deep tissue massage $40

We also create programs that allow you to combine group classes with private training at our studio.  (For example one private session per week and 2 Kettlebell Express classes.)