June events with Rochelle Schieck

Join us In June for Qoya with Rochelle Schieck!

 click image to learn about Rochelle

click image to learn about Rochelle

We're thrilled to announce that the founder of Qoya, Rochelle Schieck, will be here in June. We're offering a half day workshop AND an accessible opportunity to complete the second part of the Qoya teacher training, which along with the online intro, fulfills the prerequisite to participate in the TT intensive- the final and certifying component. (FYI there is an happening in France in October... in a castle!)

Becoming a Qoya teacher was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and teaching regular Qoya classes has become my live's most supportive structure for my inner work. And the influence of Qoya at Four Gates has deepened our work here at the studio profoundly-- from the acupuncture treatment room to the kettlebell classes.

Whatever your life's work may be, training to be a Qoya teacher will add deeper meaning to it.

Scroll down to learn more about the teacher training.


The Power of the Circle Workshop

Learn how to be in and lead circles through incorporating intention, movement and ritual to create a stronger sense of community in your life. Price includes 2 hour class, 2 hr workshop and a copy of the Qoya book!

Saturday June 4, 2-6pm. Cost is $60. Space is limited to 22 participants- sign up online here.

If you have any questions about either of these offerings, please email Colleen




Qoya Teacher Training Initiation

Thursday June 2nd 9am-6pm

To do sacred work that makes your heart sing.

(Why spend your life doing anything else?)

To FEEL GOOD in your body, your work, and your life.

Do any of these resonate with you?

You know you want to help women, but struggle with exactly how to start.
You desire to feel useful and create joy for the people in your community.
You feel more connected with yourself, others, and the divine when you move your body.
You crave deep soul shifts and radical self-discovery.
You already have a wellness practice, and hunger for deeper nourishment of your mind, body, and soul.
You want to integrate your Qoya practice not only as a class, but as a lifestyle.
You long to be part of a sisterhood, not only as a member, but as a co-creator.


Prerequisites: Intro to Qoya Online Training

What you'll learn: Through one week-long retreat or two weekend retreats, you will learn teaching methods, practice what you’ve learned by teaching classes to a partner, and most importantly, take Qoya class with Rochelle, deepening your understanding of Qoya through your own experience. You will also receive our Teacher Training Essentials kit to help you teach 20 Qoya classes to friends and family with guidance and support from Qoya Teacher Trainers.

Who you're certified to teach: Friends and Family for free

Thursday June 2, 9am- 6pm. Cost is $600. Register here!