Physical and Energetic Culture


The Four Gates manifesto

Our sacred space combines structured physical movement with the free flow of energy.  We honor the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine, the yin and the yang, the two halves of the whole. Through experience of movement, we learn to internally validate our strength and physical health, access our life force energy,  and build our community.  We believe in the brilliance of the physical body, the abundance of energetic life force and the power of collective movement to invoke change.


Our approach

Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture studio is a space for holistic fitness and bodywork. All of our classes and training sessions incorporate a focused, meditative approach that helps us tap into the flow of energy in our bodies.

We seek Self-realization by way of the pleasure principle. By enjoying movement we facilitate our ability to fulfill our highest potential. When exercise feels good we make more progress (it’s true!) and a fun, supportive, compassionate environment makes challenging exercise feel good.