Holistic Holiday Challenge!


We're ready to do the holidays differently this Year. join us! 

Click here to sign up for one or all three workshops. $20 each or $50 for the series. 

Move your body, get nutritional insight and create your personalized plan for maintaining health during the holidays-- so you can actually enjoy this time, feel good, and start 2018 ready to take it to the next level. Read on for for details...

If you are new to kettlebell training at Four Gates arrive at 12pm for the kettlebell foundations class: an introduction to functional movement. You may also attend this free intro class any other Saturday at 12pm or Monday at 6:30pm.

If you already practice kbs at Four Gates arrive at 1pm. We'll offer a short breakdown on movement for weight loss and strategies to keep moving during the holidays. 

Next Jesse Haas of Wellness Minneapolis gives us practical information and inspiration for our nutritional strategy. 

November 4: Eating strategies to keep your cool, reduce cravings, and stop eating until you’re stuffed. Creating balanced meals, meal timing, hormones and cravings and portion control will all be covered. 

December 2: How to manage sugar consumption with so many cookies to choose from. Health implications of added sugars, average consumption patterns around the holiday, reasonable sugar consumption aims
How to politely decline sweets.

January 20: Nutrition for reasonable people. You don’t need to diet to eat and live healthfully. We'll address foundations for a healthy (anti-inflammatory) diet and what it takes to make a new habit.

A short time will be spent at the end of each session for us to identify personally what strategies will best support us moving forward. We are happy to answer any questions- please email us with them. We're truly looking forward to the holidays this year!