The Four Gates Kettlebell System


The Four Gates Kettlebell System is based on primal movements and provides a path to optimum health and vitality. We practice kettlebell training with a focus on safety, breath work, proper biomechanics and appropriate weight progressions. The result is increased functional strength and power, a high level of conditioning and a mind-body connection.

Primal movements are the movements humans are designed to do. They include squating, bending, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait (walking/running). When we can perform these movement patterns effectively, we are considered functionally fit.



Our kettlebell training focuses on functional, full-body movements rather than isolated muscle actions. This means that your strength transfers to your real life, so you can shovel snow, pick up the kids, improve your race times, easily hold yoga postures, and enhance athletic performance. It is a type of power endurance exercise that increases flexibility and coordination, promotes fluidity in movement and the ability to decelerate quickly (therefore preventing injuries). When done as a circuit these multiple joint and full body movements produce cardiovascular exercise. Our approach to instruction values mindfulness that, like yoga practice, produces a meditative state. One set of 12 kettlebell exercises, twice a week, constitutes health based strength training. Every class we offer is designed to meet this requirement of 12 exercises. Bring water, sneakers or other flat soled shoes and be prepared to sweat.

How do I start?

Take a Kettlebell Foundations class. Even if you have experience with kettlebells, we require that you attend this class to familiarize yourself with our system. We recommend signing up in advance.  If you are unable to attend one of these classes, you may schedule a private training session with Christian or form your own group for a small group session. Email Christian at to set it up. 

Once you have completed and feel comfortable with the Foundations class, you are ready for the Express Level I, Cardio Circuit and Sacred Circuit classes. These classes are ideal for beginner and intermediate students, yet effective for all levels. Once you feel comfortable with the movements in these classes you are ready to take KB Express Level II.

Kettlebell Class Descriptions

Kettlebell Foundations

Kettlebell Foundations class is the cornerstone of the system. In this class you learn the proper form and body mechanics for our foundational kettlebell exercises, as well as the appropriate weight to use. These primary exercises are used and expanded upon in the other classes.  You will also learn proper breathing techniques and how to use your breath as a way to generate power and stabilize your core. Kettlebell Foundations is very safe and accessible for those beginning fitness, and also gives experienced students the opportunity to begin using heavier weight. You will come away from this class having learned new exercises, a new connection to movement and a confident grasp on a kettlebell. We recommend taking this class at least 3 times during your first month at Four Gates, and if you have previous experience with kettlebells we still require that you attend at least one of these classes.

Kettlebell Express Level 1

A 30 minute session for you to get it in. Please arrive on time. This class consists of a brief warm up, circuit-style interval training, and brief final stretch . This is a full body kettlebell workout that burns up to 400 calories! Students must attend at least 1 Kettlebell Foundations class or a private session with Christian, and feel comfortable with the exercises.

Kettlebell Cardio Circuit

Wear shoes! In this class we start with a warm up then combine kettlebells,  jump ropes, hula hoops, power ropes and other exercise tools to get your heart pumping.  Benefits include increased cardio output, increased VO2 max, calorie expenditure and a happy smiling face upon exiting.

Kettlebell Sacred Strength Circuit

Like our Cardio Circuit, but with a focus on strength. We utilize interval circuits and stations with kettlebells, power ropes, body weight exercises, medicine balls and hula hoops.

Kettlebell Express Level 2

In this class you expand on the basics and learn more complex movement patterns such as the Turkish Get Up, taking your movement to the level. Just like our Express Level I you burn calories, increase your power and strength and have fun putting together different movement combinations.

Cosmic Express

This unique class integrates traditional body weight strength and conditioning, vinyasa yoga movements and kettlebell exercises. We recommend that you feel comfortable with our KB Express class before attending this one. No yoga experience necessary!