Christian and Colleen

Christian and Colleen


Trampolines, skateboarding, soccer, backpacking, playing music, swimming in the ocean, dancing - we have been blessed to grow up with an abundance of movement in our lives! As a result we are lovers of life who flourish when we move and when we feel our energy in motion.

On our paths we have learned again and again that everything is connected. Our studies open our minds and our experiences teach us our lessons, make the knowledge palpable... Who feels it know it most!

Christian Doten: ACE certified personal trainer, Kettlebell Concepts certified trainer, advanced personal training certificate and associates degree in massage therapy and postural/structural assessment from the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences, certified yoga instructor, professional skateboarding enthusiast. 

Colleen LaSota: Masters of Science degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from University of Minnesota, forever immersed in study of Qoya, certified yoga instructor. Always ready to swim in the ocean, enjoy a waterslide, limbo, jump rope and dance my heart out.

We are eternally grateful to the teachers who have so generously shared their knowledge and wisdom, to our son Atticus who brought us back to south Minneapolis, and to our parents whose support has equal value to oxygen.