2015 Desires Group Hypnotherapy Session

2015 Desires- Group Hypnotherapy session!

Get the power of your subconscious on board in support of your desires for 2015! This group hypnotherapy session with Jane Gallagher will set you up for a truly NEW year.

Sunday Jan 11th, 3pm - 4:30 

Jane Gallagher leads a session where you simply relax and listen as you begin to associate more and more to your desires with hypnotherapy. Soon enough your desires no longer seem to be some thing outside of your grasp.  Instead they are a new way of being and you arrive to a natural state of attracting them to you. Questions? Click here to email Jane and read more about her hypnotherapy and NLP services here.

The Group Hypnotherapy session cost is $25. Register in advance by clicking HERE. Use the pull down menu to select the Hypnotherapy option.